It is said that “all human beings are also dream beings, dreaming ties all mankind together.”

We, THE HOUSE OF MIRs, have been dreaming for centuries. Possibly right from the beginning of the handicraft industry in Kashmir in the 16th century. But we consider C.1885 as a special milestone in our journey. This is when our forefather, Mr.Baqir Mir, became involved in the Kashmiri handicrafts industry. Most probably he never travelled outside the state to find new markets for Kashmir products. His son Mr.Ghulam Muhammad Mir began that tradition in the 20th century when he visited Calcutta (now Kolkata) to market Kashmiri handicrafts at a time when travel wasn’t easy. His younger brother, Mr.M. Qasim Mir, remained in Srinagar to look after the production as well as the entire joint family.

Then Mr.M.Jaffar, son of Mr.Ghulam Muhammad Mir, gave our dream a new shape by travelling across India around 1949; he catered to Maharajas, ministers, bureaucrat, corporates, etc., till the end of the 1980s plying them with best of Kashmir’s creative skills. His ports of call were usually Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi. And now his son and grandsons have embraced the dream.

Our dream is to acquaint the world with the beautiful craftsmanship from Kashmir.Our pride in our heritage has helped us to build a brand across the globe. We are also equally uncompromising about the quality standards we have always upheld while inculcating an agility that allows us to keep abreast of new trends and markets.

We hope you will enjoy the superb collection of traditional Kashmiri craftsmanship represented in our product line as much as we love bringing it to you. And we hope you will support us in keeping our dream as well those of our artisans and craftspeople alive

Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Mir

Mr. M.Jaffar Mir

Mr. M Qasim Mir